Brokerage of the insurance brokers has increased by 15.5% in the first quarter

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 18:22

The Romanian insurance brokerage market has increased by 15.5 percents over the first quarter of 2014, cumulating intermediated premiums of 250 million Euros, according to the estimations of INSURANCE Profile. This value represents 54% of the total premiums subscribed on the local market. At the same time, it is for the first time when the brokers sold more than half of the insurances sold in Romania.

Per classes of insurances, brokers brokered about 71% of the total fully comprehensive car insurance policies (CASCO), 78% of the mandatory civil liability insurances for motor vehicles (RCA), respectively 52% of the property ones.

As structure of the brokerage market, the class of mandatory civil liability insurances for motor vehicles (RCA) - 50% had the biggest share, CASCO - 27% and property - 14%. At the same time, life insurances represented 2.5% of the total brokerage.

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