Insurance Details

One of the first things that you should think about when you have your own business is protecting the premises where you perform your activity. Thus, the insurance of the building and contents provides you with the tranquility you need in order to be able to focus on your business and plans.

Together we can configure an insurance programme appropriate for your business, so that you would benefit from the optimal protection according to your requirements. We start from the basic risks covered on such a policy and then we include the special clauses appropriate for you.

The standard coverage includes:


- Fire

- Lighting

- Explosion

- Aircraft falling, of parts thereof, of the transported objects or the impact therewith

 2. Atmospheric phenomena and Acts of God: earthquake, floods and silt, storm, tempest, hail, caving-in and/or land slide, snow and/or ice weight, crash of motor vehicles from the outside, sonic boom, snow avalanche, accidental fall of objects (trees, poles), strikes and civil commotions

 3. Theft by break-in and robbery actions

 4. Vandalism

Advantages of the take-out of an insurance for buildings and property via SAFETY BROKER:

  • We negotiate directly with the insurer in order to obtain the best offers for your company;
  • We monitor the entire portfolio of your company and we notify you about due installments, expiry dates, support in case of damage;
  • In case of occurrence of a damage, we provide you with support in order to solve the damage files.


Additional Clauses

The additional clauses come as a customized supplement of the insurance programme:

- fragile property (the brakes of windowpanes, glass doors, etc. as a consequence of any type of accidents is thus covered)

- flood caused by water from the pipe

- accidental flow of water from the sprinklers

- Vandalism without break-in

- damages to the installations of the building

In reference to the field you operate in, the additional clauses below could also be useful for the owned property which, in most cases, represent the main means whereby one performs their activity:

- accidental damages to machinery and equipment (pumps, compressors, tanks, transformers, turbines, etc.)

- electronic equipment (computers, scanners, fax machines, medical technique, etc.)

The situations of negligence, inappropriate handling, operation errors, overvoltage are covered by either of the 2 clauses above. An independent policy can also be taken out for such equipment with all risk coverage.

Not least, the special clause for business interruption can be the saving solution in a critical moment. Should you opt for this clause as well, you will be indemnified for the financial loss (gross profit) resulted from an interruption of the activity caused by one of the risks included in the policy.


Main Exclusions

Another very important aspect for an insurance policy is represented by the exclusions from within the insurance terms. From among the most important ones, we note:

- war, riot, revolution, terrorism

 - seizure, nationalization, expropriation

- radiation, pollution, radioactive contaminations

- deeds purposefully committed by the insured

- damages occurred over the period when any of the legal permits /authorizations necessary for the development of the activity of the Insured are suspended /annulled /withdrawn/expired or they do not exist

- indirect damages, such as: reduction of the value of the asset after repair, reduction of the prices of the goods, delays in the delivery of the goods

- damages produced to that part of the insured property over which work is directly performed, resulting from this action or caused by any testing, repair, adjustment, service or maintenance operation

- unexplainable loss, mysterious disappearance

- design or production errors or omissions, latent defects or faults existent on the insurance policy validity stating date, by the Insured or the representatives thereof

 - damages produced by progressive degradations and deteriorations: abrasion, fermentation, oxidation, corrosion, erosion, damages produced by infiltrations or capillarity, soil settlement, trepidations, other damages due to phenomena with slow evolution in time.

What do I do in case of damage?

In case of an insured event, a standardized procedure is followed for the solving of the respective situation, the client being supported by the insurer and the broker throughout this process.

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