Starting with 2008, SAFETY Broker developed a national network of brokerage assistants. Thus, via its own offices and national network of brokerage assistants, Safety Broker is present in all the county capital cities in Romania:

Bucharest, Alba, Arad, Argeş, Bacău, Bihor, Braşov, Brăila, Buzău, Călăraşi, Caraş-Severin, Cluj-Napoca, Constanţa, Covasna, Dâmboviţa, Dolj, Galaţi, Giurgiu, Gorj, Harghita, Hunedoara, Ialomiţa, Iaşi, Ilfov, Maramureş, Mehedinţi, Mureş, Neamţ, Olt, Prahova, Satu Mare, Sălaj, Sibiu, Suceava, Teleorman, Timişoara, Tulcea, Vaslui, Vâlcea, Vrancea, as well as an office in the Republic of Moldova... and we are not going to stop here!

Thus, based on a mandate conferred by SAFETY Broker, you will be able to negotiate and assist upon take-out of insurance policies on behalf and on account of the insurance companies, complying with the image and quality standards imposed by Safety Broker.

For the issued insurance policies, you will benefit from a fee under the form of percentage from the value of the insurance premium afferent to the issued policy. This fee differs in reference to the undertaken goals and the accomplished performances.

In terms of concept, as Safety Broker partner –Brokerage Assistant, you will benefit from the following ADVANTAGES:

Possibility of issuance of the policies as soon as Brokerage Assistance Agreement is signed, if the special legal conditions in order to operate as Brokerage Assistant are met

  • Managerial technical assistance and specific to the insurance industry from Safety Broker and the other Brokerage Assistants in the network;

  • Access to the marketing and image promotion programme created by Safety Broker;

  • 27 insurers that you can collaborate with;

  • Higher purchase power, as part of a national network.

In order to join the SAFETY Broker network, you should have in mind the following steps:

As Legal Entity:

  • Incorporation of an insurance brokerage assistance firm, NACE code 6622

  • One representative with IMA degree

  • Elaboration and presentation of a summarized business plan

  • Local market assessment & choice of the location

  • Signing the partnership agreement –Brokerage Assistance;

  • Taking on specialized training.

 As Independent Individual, with Tax Registration Certificate:

  • IMA degree whereby you will prove your professional qualification /continuous training, stipulated by the applicable legislation;

 Copy of the valid identity card;

  • Tax registration certificate;

  • Criminal record.

Don’t let the opportunities pass you by, choose to be a Safety Broker partner and come as well under the umbrella of those confidently looking ahead into the future!
For other details or additional information for this type of business, we are asking you to contact us!

Contact data:


Safety Broker Marketing Manager


Telephone: 0758 258 630