Advantages of the collaboration with Safety Broker

By appealing to Safety Broker, we assure you of the fact that we always represent the client’s best interest and we also undertake the intermediation of the entire process of procurement of an insurance, providing you with the best solutions.

Here are only some of the advantages of the collaboration with Safety Broker:

1. Increase of the Time Efficiency

In order to obtain and compare offers from at least 10 insurers, for instance, you can make a single phone call Safety Broker and you benefit free of charge from offers from our consultants, saving thus the time that you would have consumed on 10 roads to 10 insurance companies.

You also benefit free of charge from specialized consultancy from our specialists for the comprehension of the terms and conditions in the insurance offers, so that you can make a correct comparison between them. Because the insurance offers are so varied that, for the same client and the same insured asset, the difference between the lowest and the highest insurance premium can vary up to 300%.

Moreover, you will no longer have charge of the due dates of the installments and the expiry of the policies, because your account manager will remind you of these aspects in due time.

2. Recommendation and identification of the most appropriate solution for you

Unlike the employee of an insurance company that has to convince you about the fact that the product of the company they are part of is the best, the Safety Broker specialists always represent the insured’s interests, providing you thus with the best insurance solution for your needs, selected from the most profitable offers of all the insurance companies in Romania.

 Thus, you will be able to benefit from an insurance adjusted to the imminent needs and requirements, avoiding thus the standardized offers.

3. Assistance in case of Damage

Safety Broker makes available to you a call center dedicated to the damage files and provides you with free of charge counseling related to the procedure and the documents necessary for the opening thereof. At the same time, you can also benefit from recommendations in terms of the steps for the settlement thereof.

4. Varied Range of Offers of Insurances and Services

Safety Broker has the professional and legal capacity to intermediate all the insurance types.

 Thus, with a single call, both the retail clients and the corporate ones have fast access to the best solution in terms of insurance products (civil liability insurances for motor vehicles (RCA), fully comprehensive car insurances (CASCO), property insurances, house, life, medical insurances), as well as post-sale services.

5. Other Services

The Safety Broker clients can also benefit from the delivery of the policies to the head office thereof, risk inspections at the head office or domicile, as well as from an exchange car if the insured car is repaired in the service units partners of Safety Broker (e.g. Autocar Service).