Safety Broker along with Omniasig have launched a product intended for the SMEs

30 May 2017

60% increase over the first quarter for Safety Broker de Asigurare

30 May 2017

Safety Broker company intermediated, over the first quarter of this year, gross premiums amounting to over 18 million Euros, a 60% increase in reference to the 11.5 million Euros as the value of this indicator was over the correspondent period of last year.

Safety Broker opens a call-center for the victims of the accident in Bulgaria

30 May 2017

Safety Broker announces the creation of a dedicated Call-Center, in view of the information of the families of the victims of the tragic traffic accident occurred yesterday in Bulgaria - in the context in which the civil liability insurance policy for motor vehicles (RCA) of the involved coach was issued by Safety Broker and subscribed at Carpatica Asig insurance company.


Safety Broker appreciate the real values of the Romanian people

30 May 2017

We started the tour of the launch of “Constantin Brancoveanu 300 –Archive Documents” tome!

For Safety Broker, the appreciation of the real values of the Romanian people, the promotion of the personalities having made history by the sacrifice of their own lives represents a great honour.

10 years of aeromedical activity

30 May 2017

SMURD celebrates this year 10 years of aeromedical activity.

For 10 years, the teams of SMURD pilots, medical doctors, nurses and paramedics have unconditionally been at our service. They gave up on their personal lives, rest time and good night’s rest, risking their own lives in order to be our saving angels.

In red clothing and always ready for interventions, since 2004 and up to the present date, 24,000 hours of flight have been made and over 12,000 rescue missions during which, in most cases, there was a life-death situation.

Safety Broker – beside you for 10 years!

30 May 2017

We have celebrated 10 years of activity! 10 years by the side of our clients, partners and colleagues. 10 years during which we evolved and offered our quality, professionalism and friendship!

Today, Safety Broker is one of the most important players on the Romanian Insurance Brokerage market.

12% Increase for Safety Broker

30 May 2017

Safety Broker insurance brokerage company increased the share capital thereof from 25,000 lei to 300,000 lei, a level that is two times higher than the requirements stipulated by the new legislation in the field, norm no. 9/2015 of the Financial Supervisory Authority. The capital increase was notified to the Financial Supervisory Authority at the end of April, by the distribution of the amount of 275,000 lei from the net profit registered by the company in the fiscal year of 2014.

11 years of performance in insurance TOGETHER !

30 May 2017

11 years together

We celebrated 11 years of activity, 11 years of insurances via Safety Broker, 11 years of adjustment, flexibility, innovation, efficiency and professional relations.

This entire period, all these years have been proportionally rewarded with satisfactions that were not too long in coming.

For three years, we have been number 1 in the top of the Insurance Brokers. This constant primarily reveals the professionalism and devotion of the Safety Broker team.

Broker of the Year in 2015 - Retail

30 May 2017

This year, Safety Broker also stood out at the Insurance Market Award Gala, an event with a tradition of over 15 years, supporting, promoting and bringing a high awareness level within the population over this important industry. The awards of the Gala were conferred by PRIMM – Insurance and Pensions Magazine.


Thus, within the prize awarding ceremony, the Safety Broker team received an award for performance and professionalism, as well as for the best result on the market of the industry, nationally, regionally and locally as follows:

Business in increase by over 42%

30 May 2017

Safety Broker intermediated over the first quarter of this year gross premiums amounting to over 123 million lei, 42.9% more than the 86 million lei intermediated over the same period of 2015. You can find below further details, but also the plans of the company for 2016: