Safe CMR

31 May 2017

Cobranded Safety Broker and Gothaer CMR product.

Below is a presentation of what Safe CMR means, who it is aimed at, the newness elements, liability limitations, and the competition advantages of this product.


Interview with Cati Stoican

31 May 2017

1. What was it like when you arrived at Safety Broker, what were your individual objectives upon your arrival to the team, and what was your strategy in reaching them?

Interview with Lavinia Gal

31 May 2017

SM: For years, the name Lavinia Gal has been equivalent to a successful woman not only as part of Safety Broker, but also in insurance. How difficult is it for a woman to pave a solid path in the insurance market?

You need determination and hard work, dedication and passion for what you do, the courage to face challenges and a clear vision of the set objectives. These are the “must haves” (so to speak) of attaining success in such a masculine market.

Did you know that ...

31 May 2017

The first insurance company was established in England in 1680?   

The first insurance was generated by the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Safe Agriculture!

31 May 2017

Complete insurance solutions provided by Safety Broker - meant to protect your farming activity and to “mitigate” the effects of natural disasters on your investment!

Safety Broker – the number 1 insurance broker in Romania, with an almost 8% market share and intermediated premiums amounting to EUR 85 million in 2015, comes with the most suitable and friendliest recommendations in agricultural insurance after 11 years of experience in insurance!