This form is drawn up based on Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the processing of personal data and aims at informing you on the purposes of processing, on the legal grounds and duration of processing, and your rights related to the processing of such data.

The processing of your personal data shall be made by Safety Broker de Asigurare SRL, hereinbefore the Company, a Romanian legal entity, registered office in Bucharest, Calea Giulești, Nr. 8D, et. 2, Sect. 6, telephone no. 021.745.62.70, e-mail:, Trade Register Office number J40/6184/2005, URC 17437817, RBK code 293/2005, as affiliate operator of the Insurance Companies we have personal data processing agreements signed with (hereinafter, together the ”Operators”). For further information concerning Operators, please access:

The essence of the affiliation agreement is represented by the collaboration between Operators for the purpose of providing insurance/reinsurance Services (the issuance of insurance offers, the issuance and administration of policies) as per purposes (i), (ii) and (v) detailed below.

Operators shall process the following categories of personal data consisting of the following, without limitation:

  • Personal Data identifying the insured person, data concerning the contractor and/or policy beneficiaries, the policy payer: Surname, First Name, Address, Personal Code, Nationality, Contact data (telephone number and e-mail address indicated by the person in question), the civil status, the ID card series and number and/or driving licence, the holograph or extended electronic signature, biometric data;
  • Data concerning the scope of insurance: information concerning the insurable goods or persons or the history of damages, as applicable, the title/occupation, hobbies, information included in the documents certifying the right of ownership of the asset for which insurance is applied and in further documents provided by the Envisaged Person for risk assessment;
  • Financial data: information concerning the bank account, incomes, tax facilities or social benefits, tax liabilities, incomes from other sources;
  • Personal data concerning health: data concerning the state of  health (data concerning the physical and mental health or the medical conditions declared in medical questionnaires, resulting also from the medical tests made upon the signing of an insurance contract, medical data collected from the suppliers of medical services accessed by the insured person, as well as data collected as part of the compensation process as part of an insured event);
  • Information concerning the location, the image and audio-video recordings of natural persons (video recordings made by the surveillance cameras installed at the head offices of Operators, the audio recordings of call-centre telephone conversations, the IP address captured upon the use of Operators’ websites  and applications).

The purposes for which we process personal data are as follows:

(i) “The purpose of filing offers/issuing insurance contracts(quotations, risk management, filing offers, the issuance of policies);

(ii)“ The purpose of administering insurance policies, assistance in case of damages and consultancy (information on due dates and maturity dates, renewal offers, assistance on the handling and settlement of damages, exercise of the right of regress, actions for the recovery of receivables, etc.);

(iii) “The purpose of Commercial Communications” – sending commercial communications concerning Company offers, promotions, products and services.

(iv)“Providing the required security measures (audio-video surveillance)”;

(v) “The meeting of legal obligations and FSA* requirements or of other authorities”.

The legal grounds of collecting and processing personal data may also be represented by the following, as applicable:

  • The insurance contract/policy which the Envisaged Person is a party to or the express request of the Person Envisaged to obtain the insurance offer through the Company and/or the issuance of the insurance policy by the Operators;
  • The meeting of legal obligations by the Company;
  • The meeting of the legitimate interests of the Company and of the affiliated Operators in the context of performing the scope of activity;
  • The consent of the Envisaged Person for marketing and/or the processing of sensitive data and/or profiling.

Personal data may be transferred to the following, depending on the types of insurance we will be facilitating for you: state authorities, PAID* (in the case of mandatory housing insurance), suppliers directly/indirectly involved in the supply process, in the issuance, administration of insurance policies and the provision of assistance in case of damages (insurance-reinsurance companies in Romania or the European Union, as well as other companies in the group they are members of, service provision companies in the case of potential damages, archiving companies, IT service suppliers and call-centre service suppliers, courier companies, law firms, repair units, clinics, etc.).

Data shall be stored/archived by the Company as follows:

  • In the case of the Supply of Insurance contract purpose, for 90 days in the case of general insurance and 6 months in the case of life and health insurance as of the date of issuance/signing of the supply or before the withdrawal of your consent;
  • - In the case of the Purpose of administering insurance policies, assistance in case of damages and consultancy”, during the time of validity of the policy plus another 10 years as of its termination or 10 years following the launch of the damages file.

Please be informed that your aggregated rights related to the Data as part of your  relations with the “Operators” are as follows: Right of access, Right of amendment, Right of data deletion (“Right to be forgotten”), Right of consent withdrawal, Right of data portability, Right of processing restriction, Right to oppose processing, Right of not being under the scope of a decision based solely on the automatic processing of your data, including the development of profiles generating legal effects or which have a significant impact on you, Right to file a complaint to the Company, the affiliate operators or the ANSPDCP, the right to file court proceedings.

Important: If for the purpose of signing an insurance contract through the agency of Safety Broker de Asigurare, you should send us the personal data of another person, you are bound to forward this information note to the person in question and get their consent for the applicable cases no later than 1 month as of the date of supply of personal data. If the filed personal data belong to a minor, the parent or guardian shall be informed for the minor child.

For exercising the aforementioned rights and for further details, you can contact the Company as follows: (i) by sending a written application, dated and signed, to any office or place of business, (ii) by filling out an online application by accessing the following link:, the Personal data processing” section, the ”applications” sub-section, (iii) at the following e-mail address: or (iv) by mail at the aforementioned Company mailing address.