Safety Broker is the new sponsor of the U Cluj team

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 18:23

Safety Broker is the new sponsor of Universitatea Cluj football team, the agreement being part of a long-term partnership signed at the beginning of this week in Cluj-Napoca.

“We are proud to join the most beloved football team in the area and we are going to support it get to the place that it deserves. I a convinced that, together, we will make the supporters of Universitatea happy again!”, Viorel Vasile, CEO of Safety Broker, declared. “U” Cluj is more than a sports club, it is a real spirit animating Transylvania since 1919.


The grouping of the 2 brands comes as a supplement to the Safety Broker strategy – the biggest independent broker with local capital – that of promoting the value of the Romanian sport. “It is not the first time that we invest in the Romanian football– however, the partnership with “U” Cluj represents a particular challenge, one honouring us and committing is in the new year”, the Safety Broker official adds.

Safety Broker is the biggest independent insurance broker with local capital, operating in Romania. The company brokered in 2012 insurance premiums of over 36.3 million Euros, approximately 60% more than in 2011 and it estimates that it will exceed 50 million Euros in 2013.

For further information: Ramona Dobrescu
PR & Marketing Manager
Mobile: 0758-258-630

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