I. Use policy for cookies

I.1. The website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) uses “cookies”, respectively small size files, which contain information sent by the browser server to the User (meaning the person visiting the Website, hereinafter referred to as “User”) and which allow the server to store the data which can be updated and recovered by the entity in charge of their installation. Generally, the cookies files can be classified:

  • according to the entity managing them, can be their own (in this case, of Safety Broker) or of other entities;
  • according to the period in which they remain activated in the User’s computer, they can be temporary or permanent files;
  • according to the purpose, they can be technical files (necessary for navigation), customization files (allow the access to the Website with a series of features established by the User), analysis files (allow the analysis and tracking of the User’s behaviour), advertisement files (management of advertisement areas) of behavioural advertisement files (advertisement on the website). The website is managed by Safety Broker.

I.2. On one hand, the Website uses own files, necessary for its correct operation. The own files are:

- SSESS+unique_id - this file is used to establish the connection session for the User visiting the Website. It is a type of identification and management of the state of connection of an actual User;
- googleanalytics - is used for the data processing agreement for Google Analytics

The purpose of these own files is to improve the access to the Website, to facilitate the navigation on the Website and remind the User’s preferences when he accesses the Website again (for example, his preferred navigation language) so it is not necessary for the User to select them again. These own files used by the Website do not take personal data, do not have the purpose to analyse the User’s access and cannot read data or other existing files in the User’s equipment.

I.3. The website also uses foreign files in order to analyse and make a statistic of the Website’s visitors, as well as use the comments on the Website. These files are:
- _ga, _gat, _gid, __utma

I.4. In order to be warned before the installation of the files, the User shall be informed about the use of the files and can access this document through a link, in order to obtain more information about the files on the Website. After being informed by the existence of these files, the User can perform the following actions:
a) he can accept the cookies pressing “Yes, I agree”
b) can continue pressing the button “
WEBSITE’S CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY” or close the notification window by pressing "X", which shall not be considered an explicit agreement for the use of cookies files;
c) can amend the settings of the browser in order not to install the file and/or to erase the already installed files (which means the cancellation of the approval to install them). In case these options are chosen, it is possible that the Website doesn’t work correctly and/or can restrict the access of the User to certain features of the Website.

I.5. In order to block one or more files, the User can change the browser’s configuration settings. The steps for the most used browsers are:
a) if the User’s browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0: The User can click on “Instruments” in the navigator’s upper corner or can select “Internet Options” and then click on “Confidentiality”. The user shall select the desired settings, then he shall select “Apply” and “Accept/OK”;
b) if the User’s browser is Mozilla Firefox: in the navigator’s menu, the User shall select “Options”, then he shall access the “Confidentiality” menu, and in the menu which shall appear, he will chose “History customized configuration”. The user shall choose the settings he wants;

c) if the browser is Google Chrome: The user shall access the Chrome menu, which is located in the right upper corner, shall choose “Configuration”, where he will afterwards click. The user shall choose the settings he wants, then he will press “OK”;
d) if the used browser is Safari: The User shall select “Preferences”. In the related panel he will choose “Confidentiality”, then he will make the desired settings, and afterwards will press “OK”.

II. Confidentiality policy
II.1 The personal data that the User supplies through one of the forms available on the Website, to be able to access and/or use certain services (for example, to register and access the resource pages or enter in contact with the Safety Broker), but also for any other personal information related to the User which is sent to the Safety Broker for the use of the Website’s services, shall be included in the Safety Broker database. This data shall be used in order to provide, control, increase and improve the services supplied through the Website, to inform the user about the web services or about the electronic communication services supplied by the Service Broker, or to process the complaints made by the Users.

II.2 The collected personal data shall be processed with the compliance of the legal provisions in force.

II.3 The user gives his explicit and unequivocal agreement for the use of the personal data for the previously described purposes and can exercise the right to information, the right of access, the right of opposition, the right of intervention, the right to refer to the justice and the right not to be submitted to an individual decision; these rights are exercised through written request, signed and dated at the Safety Broker address, respectively Calea Giulesti nr. 8D, etaj 2, District 6, Bucharest, except for the right to refer to the justice, which is exercised through written request submitted to the competent court of law. Safety Broker is registered with the no. 21103 in the Personal Data Processing Record. If the User is the one that activated the account, he can also access, amend or update the personal data using the means available on “My Account”.

II.4 Generally, the personal data requested through the forms available on the Website are mandatory and necessary for the User to be able to access and/or use the services the related form refers to, without the form specifically indicating which personal data is optional and which is mandatory. In case not all personal data considered mandatory is supplied, Safety Broker can, in certain cases, forbid the access to the use of the related service, or not comply with the request made by the User.

II.5 By expressing the proper decision, according to the present document, the User can oppose to sending the information to the Safety Broker for commercial purposes, in case the Safety Broker intends to send such information related to electronic communication services or to other Safety Broker services and/or products similar to those contracted by the User.

II.6 Safety Broker guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data received from the User and consequently adopted the security level requested by the personal data protection regulations and has installed, as much as possible, proper technical means, according to the available resources, to avoid the loss, degradation, unauthorized access and the theft of personal data.

II.7 Safety Broker doesn’t transfer the User’s personal data to third parties. Also, Safety Broker can reveal the candidates’ personal data to the public authorities, in order to prevent, investigate, discover and sanction actions which are contraventions and offences, according to the legal provisions in force.

II.8 It is possible for the Website or services to contain links to other websites and/or forms or services managed by third parties. The present Confidentiality policy doesn’t include the practices and policies of these third parties in relation to those services or websites. Safety Broker doesn’t control those websites and/or the forms of third parties. The user must see and check the confidentiality policy for those websites/services before using them, being fully liable in this respect, Safety Broker being exempt from any liability in this respect.

III. Final provisions
To avoid any doubt, the User agrees that visiting the Website and continuing the navigation on the Website represents his explicit and unequivocal approval in relation to the whole content of the cookie use policy and of the Confidentiality Policy. Safety Broker reserves the right to amend unilaterally and at any time the provisions of the Cookie use policy and of the Confidentiality policy, without the prior notification of the User. In this respect, the User undertakes the obligation to be continuously informed in relation to the content of these policies and/or provisions, by consulting the Website.