Garanta Asig

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 13:19

S.C. GARANTA ASIGURĂRI S.A. was established in October 1997 and the commitment of the company towards the clients thereof is a long-term one, the efforts thereof being focused on providing modern products and high-quality services, satisfying the most varied insurance needs.

GARANTA makes efforts to increase the presence thereof on the Romanian insurance market, without, however, neglecting the profitability indicators of the company, by the application of the prudential risk subscription principles for all the practiced insurance types, but also the particularization of the offers for each separate client, in order to make a better correlation of the charged costs with the profile of the covered individual risks.

Besides the development of its own territorial network, GARANTA also places focus on a collaboration as fruitful as possible with broker partners from all the areas of the country.